Oper8tor is a cost-saving real-time workforce communication solution

Oper8tor uses AI to monitor staff wellbeing and reduce the risk of legal & compliance violations for regulated client companies. Our solution is also suitable for enterprises that wish to monitor the effectiveness of their salesforce.

We aggregate an employee’s communication data into a single monitoring interface, with Oper8tor reviewing conversations via AI and automatically flagging certain keywords, phrases and patterns in real-time for closer inspection by Compliance & Surveillance teams.

Fast, seamless, cross-platform communications

With Oper8tor, you can seamlessly manage all of your contacts and messages in one place. Communicate, record and transcribe across the leading social media & messaging platforms with just a few taps.

Oper8tor sales performance

  • Analyze Sales Conversations, Scale Training, and Increase Client Revenue

    A mobile app and cloud application designed to give companies transparency into the conversations happening across their sales teams.

  • Call Transcribing

    Conversations are transcribed in real time allowing businesses to read transcripts and identify positive sales tactics and points for improvement.

  • Call Visualizations

    Oper8tor can identify and tell apart different voices – marking different voice waves in different colors. This allows them to “dissect” calls and transcribe individual voices of a selected speaker.

Compliance and management product

Real-Time AI Analysis of Conversations

Oper8tor monitors communications data for unusual activity – be it relevant to compliance, regulatory, or well-being to trigger alerts. These alerts are compared with data derived from voice conversations, trade information and other internal & external communications to create a  picture of activity that will be flagged to Compliance, Surveillance or HR teams for further scrutiny.

Real-Time Monitoring

Oper8tor monitors communications in real-time and uses AI to red-flag events to Compliance, Surveillance & HR teams for further investigation.

Inter-App Monitoring

Using its patented technology, Oper8tor aggregates the commonly used communication apps into a single platform making it easy to monitor conversation activity regardless of the channel used.

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Seamless communications

  • Cross-platform calling and messaging

    Simultaneous calls and messages to Skype, Google Meet and mobile numbers, eliminating the need to switch between platforms – uses Wifi or data

  • Recording and Transcription

    Calls are recorded, transcribed and delivered to your email – perfect for compliance and legal work-flows

  • Security

    All of your messages and calls are kept in one secure and easy to use app: Oper8tor

Our solutions

Oper8tor for Consumer

Chat & message to your friends across multiple platforms seamlessly and simultaneously using Wifi or data.

Oper8tor for Compliance

Satisfy requirements to record regulated calls and receive a written transcription via email.

Oper8tor for Global Supply Chains

Seamlessly connecting contacts working on a project with global contributors and transcribing the action points.

Oper8tor for Legal

Receive a written transcription of terms in a verbal agreement ready to be inserted in contractual documents.

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For enterprise and licensing enquiries to become the Oper8tor, contact us here